Autumn's Palette

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Fall flowers are quickly becoming my favorites. I see it as the last hurrah before the frigid season is upon us. Years ago I would forgo fall plants in my containers due to complete laziness. Now I look forward to mums, asters, and ornamental cabbage replacing my exhausted summer annuals. These beauties transform my containers with the flowers and colors that really signify fall.

One of my favorite parts of this job is finding the fall foliage and berries in nature and incorporating it in the fall scheme.  When they dry they display the warm colors we love to see this time of year. When you decide it’s time, you can leave the plants that continue to provide texture and color, such as heuchera, ornamental grasses and creeping jenny. You just need to add the fall gems to liven things up. Another added bonus to fall planting is the most basic gardener won’t be overwhelmed with the number of choices.  The decision-making will be in the color and the combinations that contribute to the surroundings and show your personality.   I hope these photos inspire you….