Founded by local horticulturist Stacie Gombert in 2015, Solscape is a company with a passion for design and a singular focus.


Stacie has a passion for combining the natural beauty of living plants with the endless possibilities of hardscape containers.  Her designs are a reflection of her passion to bring beauty to her clients homes all year.


About Stacie


Stacie Gombert

Founder - Lead Designer


Stacie graduated from the University of Kansas with a Psychology Degree and headed west to Scottsdale Arizona to start her career in early childhood counseling for troubled youth.  In 1995 she met her husband Pete, and two years later found herself married and living in Idaho.  Two wonderful children (Peter and Lea) came into their lives in 1999 and 2001 respectively and Stacie spent her days raising her children and finding sanctuary in her garden.  Gardening became such a part of Stacie's life during her years at home that she became an Advanced Master Gardner through the University of Idaho.  Then in 2013 she decided to pursue a second degree in Horticulture which she earned with honors in 2016.  Along with her Horticulture Degree and Advanced Master Gardner, Stacie earned a Landscape Design Certificate from the prestigious Garden School in London while studying under world famous designer Hillary Thomas.  She is a Certified Nursery Professional with the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association.

In 2014 Stacie, Pete, Peter and Lea took off on an adventure of a lifetime and traveled around the world for 10 months.  During these travels Stacie visited hundreds of gardens around the world and had the privilege of meeting with dozens of world class designers and gardeners.  It was during this trip when the inspiration for Solscape was born.