At Solscape we believe each home and homeowner is unique.  Our designs reflect the personality of the homeowner and are intended to bring peace, joy and beauty to any space.  We strive to use locally grown materials whenever possible and always attempt to re-use and preserve plant materials in order to reduce costs and increase the sustainability of our service.  


Each landscape and container is unique and can play a different role in the overall design of the landscape and of the home.  We strive to create an overall design for your home utilizing any containers you may have and if necessary can help you to add containers to your landscape.  Our designs take into consideration your plant and color preferences as well as your budget to ensure the result exceeds your expectations. 


Proper installation of plant materials is essential to a healthy living container.  We ensure your container has fresh, active soil for each season, proper drainage and is positioned properly for sun and weather exposure.  These steps are critical in order to ensure your containers thrive in each season.


Maintenance is critical to ensuring you are getting the most out of your living container.  Proper pruning, fertilizing and even transplanting will ensure you have maximum color and beauty throughout the season.  You can do the maintenance yourself (we will let you know what is needed) or we can maintain your containers for you. 


We keep our pricing simple so there is never anything unexpected.  We charge $45 per hour for all services and we provide all materials to you at our wholesale costs.  In most cases this means the price you pay for materials through Solscape will significantly offset the costs of our services.